Waiting for the Bus

WaitingThere are days I will wait at the bus stop and the bus just won’t come. I normally think to myself that the time I spend waiting could be spent walking to my destination. So I walk. I figure it will burn a few calories and I will be a little bit closer to were I need to be if the bus doesn’t arrive. With every 20-30 strides, I turn my head back in the opposite direction to see for any large approaching vehicles. Sometimes the bus catches up and I hop on it, sometimes it catches up and I’m too far away from the nearest bus stop to catch it, and sometimes it doesn’t even come.

Brief Update

I’ve been in school for about the past 2  or so months and it has been a challenge. I’ve become a big nerd. It’s gotten to the point to where I take study material everywhere – dinner, the train, the bathroom – you name it. However, I’ve still been able to sketch and regularly work on different art projects…more time to create art would be nice though…In the near future I plan on finishing some projects and posting them up! Keep posted.